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Don't miss to visit Gallimel's Website.
She's a wonderful Italian woman with manyfold talents!!!!
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Forget for a moment the traditional assumptions regarding
the fine arts industry. The stereotyped mythology about
artists, galleries and auction services are undergoing a
substantial reexamination. The rules are changing, as are
the rule makers. This is the visionary sequel to California
figurative artist Marques Vickers' 2000 ground breaking
publication "Selling Art On The Internet". Written from the
dual perspective of a professional visual artist and collector,
Vickers commentary is oriented towards an emerging breed
of Internet savvy artist entrepreneur and informed fine art
buyer. Slicing through the traditional marketing and invest-
ment rhetoric of the art world, he illustrates present and
future sales and buying trends and opportunities for both
original and reproduction artwork.

Andrey Hrenov | White noise collection

"A Right Brained Guide" features over 1200+ website
references in seventy-five categories making it an
indispensable guide to understanding and maximizing
Internet usage. Among the referenced categories include
artist and collector reference and research resources,
website development services, direct mail sources,
licensing outlets and agencies, consumer and business
auction exchanges, barter outlets, domain name
registration and reseller service, e-commerce services,
search engines and indexes, online media publications,
payment services, delivery, website hosting and trouble-
shooting services. legal and appraisal outlets, and virtual
fine art marketplaces.
The publication is uniquely distributed on a packaged
compact disk in both Microsoft Word and Adobe Acrobat
pdf software formats (making it both Windows and MAC
compatible). Delivery within the United Sates and Canada
is included with the purchase
price. (ISBN #9706530-2-6).
Congratulations to: Warren Furman (USA), Steve Danzig (Australia),
Angelo Di Cicco (Italy), Ingrid Kamerbeek (Germany), Shankar Barua
(India), Jac Depczyk (Great Britain), Sudha Achar (USA), Zazie (Austria),
Jeanne Adema (The Netherlands), Karin Kuhlmann (Germany), Jos Leys
(USA), Joel Mariano (USA), Carral (Argentina), Kytom L (Germany),
Vijay-Bhai Kochar (India), Tibor Kovacs-Egri (Hungaria), Gary Hoff
(USA), Professor Herbert W. Franke (Germany), Parys St. Martin
(Australia)All participants - that really means all, including the ones
not in this year's show - should stay in the link exchange program for
being taken into consideration for one of the next shows. This link
exchange is growing and will become a big quality collection of fine
art Webists world-wide as a source especially for real life museum
curators and gallery owners all over the world. All artists are called to
look up and get in touch with small art museums in their neighborhood
for museum exhibitions.
Keep me informed: send me a mail
Dr. Sudha Achar, Director of East Hawaii Cultural Center,
Hilo/Big Island/Hawaii/USA , curated this year's show
which is coordinated by Ingrid Kamerbeek
Click here to visit that great exhibition initiated by
wonderful Webist Dr. Rodney Chang (Pygoya) in 2001 with
the 1st historic EHCC Cyberart Showand in 2002 with the
"2002 Museum International Cyberart Travelling Show"
and moreover now this outstanding pioneer and founder
of Webism is going for the European museums to give them
the opportunity to show his unique style andto be ahead of
their time showing Webism. Every artist, cyberartist/
digital artist/Webist is asked to find a small museum in
his neighborhood to show Pygoya's art andto be taken
into consideration to exhibit along with the pioneering Webist.
Preferred time for a show: November 2003 and/or 2004.
During this month the artist may be present at the opening!
Click here for more information.
Visit my gallery at: YOUR PERSONAL GALLERY



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14 Computergrafiken von Inga Schnekenburger

September 2 - 13, 2002
Ingrid Kamerbeek
Town Hall Exhibition in Sonthofen/Bavaria
My friend and great Australian Artist Parys St. Martin
showed three of her works there too

"The Unveiling" by Parys St. Martin

The wonderful artist Shankar Barua from India
with one of his works!!!!! THANK YOU, SHANKAR!
"Humility with Dignity" by Shankar Barua
Shankar created this great work for
October 24 - November 15, 2002
Speedcom AG presents Ingrid Kamerbeek - Cyberart
Vlado Franjevic initiated this exhibition at
Speedcom AG
Postfach 741
Zollstrasse 21
FL-9494 Schaan
Internet: www.speedcom.li
Look up the invitation: click here
Ausstellungsinformationen/Exhibition information

Visit Wayne Cosshall's great artsite!!!!Wayne Cosshall

Fische und Meerestiere

Calling all Cyberartists

best art sites
October 13, 2002 - Open Sunday in Sonthofen
Disco Devils 11 and 31 on show at Elektro Blum
October 26 - November 30, 2002
Artist Hernry Janok from Calgary/Canada has done a great
job for all EHCC participants. He offers an exhibition
in a. m. Calgary gallery although not a 2002 EHCC
participant. Thank you Janok, that's great!
We artists should work hand in hand worldwide
for the sake for all of us.
Check it out: click here
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