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WEBISM - art connecting the world
Organisation and coordination: Ingrid Kamerbeek
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Webist Professor Dr. Herbert W. Franke turns 80!!!!!
Press release at openPR as permanent link (English)


PEACE & LOVE international art project, April 20th till May 20th, 2011
Article in "Garmisch-Partenkirchner Tagblatt, Münchner Merkur", April 26th, 2011 (German)
Feature Ingrid Kamerbeek, WEBISM, latest international project, January 24th, 2011
Article in "Garmisch-Partenkirchner Tagblatt, Münchner Merkur", January 24th, 2011 (German)

1st Sonthofen Culture Brochure, September 12th, 2010 WEBISM is part of it

WEBISM invites local artists, December 24th, 2009
Article in "Der Kreisbote", December 24th, 2009 (German)
WEBISM activites Ingrid Kamerbeek and worldwide, Sonthofen, Germany, July 9th, 2009
Article in "Der Kreisbote", July 9th, 2009 (German)
Feature Andre Maitre, Switzerland, June 2009
Article in "futuro Magazine" 2009 (English, French)

Feature Andre Maitre, Switzerland, December 29th, 2008

Article in "Migros Magazine", December 29th, 2008 (French)
Kornhaus Kempten, Germany, November 27th, 2008 - start of the European branch
of the world traveling real life tour on climate change
Article in "Der Kreisbote", December 4th, 2008 (German)
Ingrid Kamerbeek invited to Nothilfe e. V. Art Auction, November 2nd, 2008
Article in "Der Kreisbote", November 13th, 2008 (German)
Webism spirit in Nice, France at Habib Aghamohammadi's solo show, May 14th, 2008
Article in "Der Kreisbote", June 12th, 2008 (German)
Ingrid Kamerbeek invited to amnesty international art show, May 2008
Article in "Der Kreisbote", May 15th, 2008 (German)
"Climate Change - the impact" a Webism project started by Rainer Grassmuck online
turning into several real life shows organized and shown by Webists around the globe
under the "Webism Group of Worldwide Artists" roof
31 artists from 17 countries on- and offline show around the globe
1st real life climate change show: Parys St. Martin, Durango, CO/USA
2nd real life climate change show: Carol Mark, ACA Gallery, Toronto/Canada
3rd real life climate change show: Ingrid Kamerbeek, Kempten, Oberallgaeu, Germany
Article in "Der Kreisbote", December 4th, 2008 (German)
Report at absolute arts initiated by John Powell, Webist from Jamaica
Article in "Westfälische Rundschau", March 29th, 2008 (German)
Article in "Der Kreisbote", October 3rd, 2007 (German)
Article in "Pellenz Blatt", Pellenz, Germany, September 25th, 2007 (German)
Article in "Andernach aktuell", Andernach, Germany, September 25th, 2007 (German)
Article in "The Star", Mandeville, Jamaica September 25th, 2007 (English)
Article in "Durango Telegraph", Durango, CO, USA, August 22nd, 2007 (English)
Article - follow up - in "Durango Telegraph", Durango, CO, USA, August 30th, 2007 (English)
Article in "The Durango Herald", Durango, CO, USA, August 21st, 2007 (English)
Article in "Allgäuer Anzeigeblatt", May 19/20, 2007 (German)
Article in "Kieler Nachrichten", Eckernförde, May 4th, 2007 (German)
Article in "Dezentrales Wirtschaftsforum", May 16th, 2007 (German)
Article in "WAZ", Gladbeck, May 8th, 2007 (German)
Article in "WAZ" online edition, May 7th, 2007 (German)
Article in "Der Kreisbote", April 19, 2007 (German)
Article at "absolutearts.com", March 3rd, 2007 (English)
Article in "Talmagazin", Wuppertal, April 4th, 2007 (German)
Article in "WZ", Wuppertal, April 6th, 2007 (German)
Article in "artgalerie-europa", April 6th, 2007 (German)
online articles initiated by artist Vildan Isik in Turkish media:
http://www.ntvmsnbc.com/news/415894.asp (Turkish)
http://www.hurdogan.com/detail.php?id=135325 (Turkish)
http://www.bizimsivas.net/modules.php?name=News&file=article&sid=4247 (Turkish)
http://www.gazeteport.com.tr/NEWS/GP_047645 (Turkish)
Press release at openPR as permanent link (German)
Press release at businessportal 24.com Klimawandel - die Folgen (German)
Gerhard Höberth and the global Webism Digital Fine Art
real life exhibition in Wasserburg am Inn, Germany
9 Webists personally present at opening reception, 6 pm, Oct 27th, 2007
Article in "Der Kreisbote", November 22nd, 2007 (German)
Article in "Wasserburger Zeitung", Wasserburg, Germany, November 7th, 2007 (German)
Article in "Der Kreisbote", October 31st, 2007 (German)
Article in "Eckernförder Zeitung", Eckernförde, Germany, October 23rd, 2007 (German)
"Computerpaintings" a real life exhibition by Arno Signarowski, 2 Webists in show
Article in "WAZ", Gladbeck, June 28th, 2007 (German)
3 Webists in international Chaville (Paris) show organized by Mona Roussette:
Habib Aghamohammadi, Iran, Andre Maitre, Switzerland, Ingrid Kamerbeek, Germany
Article in "Der Kreisbote", February 22, 2007
Article in "toutes les nouvelles", January 31, 2007


Jac Depczyk, London meets Ingrid and news about Ingrid's activities
Article in "Der Kreisbote", September 14, 2006


Kalina Svetlinski hosts international Webism exhibition
"Art on the Line" at her Regen gallery - Galerie Kalina -, Bavaria, Germany
Article in "Baerwald Bote", Regen, June 8, 2006


Olga Pavlova, Chisinau, Moldova, Russia
"Art People" Exhibition newspaper report including Webists
May 2006


André Maître, Moutier, Switzerland
Article in "Le Journal Du Jura", Moutier, March 30, 2006


Webism Group Exhibition
art-cafe Sonthofen, Inh. Hermann Schwind, Marktstr. 19, Sonthofen/Bavaria/Germany
Article in "Allgäuer Anzeigeblatt", February 1, 2006


"Alpine Feelings", Webism Group Exhibition
art-cafe Sonthofen, Inh. Hermann Schwind, Marktstr. 19, Sonthofen/Bavaria/Germany
Article in "Der Kreisbote", January 19, 2006


"Alpine Feelings", Webism Group Exhibition
art-cafe Sonthofen, Inh. Hermann Schwind, Marktstr. 19, Sonthofen/Bavaria/Germany
Article in "Der Kreisbote", December 29, 2005
"Dracula Impressions", Webism Group Exhibition
in the framework of 4th Congress of German Dracula Society, Laubach/Hessen/Germany
Article in "Der Kreisbote", November 24, 2005
Pygoya/Ingrid Dohle Kamerbeek exhibit in Salon V, New York/USA
Article in "Der Kreisbote", October 6, 2005
Webism featured in "Die Google-Gesellschaft"
Article in "Allgäuer Anzeigeblatt" August 3, 2005
Rainer Grassmuck, Webist from Wuppertal
Article in "WZ (Westdeutsche Zeitung)" May 31, 2005
Erich Fritz from Cologne organizes Webism show "Electric Energy"
in the framework of Cologne art.fair 04
Article in "Der Kreisbote", November 11, 2004
Ingrid Kamerbeek/Pygoya on official US stamp limited edition
Article in "Der Kreisbote" October 14, 2004
Article in "Der Sonthofer", 11/2004
DVD Show with RZ Computer company in Sonthofen on July 24
"Webism" Art Connecting the World - produced by Tibor Kovacs-egri
Article in "Der Kreisbote" August 12, 2004
Article in "Allgäuer Anzeigeblatt" July 23, 2004


Webists' Group Exhibition in "Museumsquartier Vienna", Wien
Article in "Der Kreisbote" May 20, 2004
Article in "Der Kreisbote" June 9, 2004
Article in "Allgäuer Anzeigeblatt" May 27, 2004
Article in absolutearts.com/Ohio/USA, May 28


Meeting with Croatian Ambassador in Switzerland, Dr. Mladen Andrlic
Article in "Der Kreisbote" May 6, 2004


1st Webists European Art Tour (1st Pygoyan European Art Tour)
Press Articles
Angoulême/FRANCE exhibition "Digital Art 2003"
Article in "Der Kreisbote" June 31, 2003
Article in "Allgäuer Anzeigeblatt" August 2, 2003
Article in "Charente Libre", Angoulême, August 11 and 13, 2003
Article in "SUD OUEST", Angoulême, August 21, 2003
Article in "Der Kreisbote", August 11, 2003
Article in "Allgäuer Anzeigeblatt", September 24, 2003
Article in "Der Sonthofer", Ausgabe 10/2003


Phlox Exhibition
Café and Vinothek Phlox, Irene Schmidt
Stadtgäßle, Sonthofen - opening: April 4, 2003
Article in "Allgäuer Anzeigeblatt" May 7, 2003
Article in "Der Kreisbote" May 8, 2003


3rd EHCC International Cyberart Exhibition 2003

Big article in "Der Kreisbote" about my EHCC exhibit on Feb. 13, 2003
click here
Big article in "Allgäuer Anzeigeblatt" about my EHCC exhibit on Feb. 14, 2003
click here
Nice article in "Der Sonthofer" about my EHCC exhibit on April. 27, 2003
click here


Kassel exhibition Norbert Strippel
Gallery "Fett", Friedrichstr. 20, Kassel
Opening Thursday, December 5, 2002 from 7 - 10 pm
Money out of exhibition sales goes partly
to "Deutsche KinderKrebshilfe", Bonn
(German Association for Children Ill With Cancer)
click here
Canada exhibition,
111 design, sculpture and art gallery, Calgary
Opening Saturday, October 26, 2002 from 1 - 5 pm
26 Oct. - 30 Nov. 2002
click here
Liechtenstein exhibition,
Speedcom AG, Schaan
Opening: Thursday, 24 Oct. 2002
24 Oct. - 15 Nov. 2002
click here


Sonthofen town hall exhibition, 2 - 13 Sept. 2002
Photos taken during Sonthofen town hall exhibition: click here
1st Major of town, Hubert Buhl, visits exhibition: click here
Big articles during exhibition: click here
Press announcements (before exhibition start): click here
Article in "Der Sonthofer" end October: click here
Mrs. Roselina Glasmann, Hofen, did the wonderful framing and passepartous - phone: 08321/5222.
Mr. Schnellbach, Sonthofen, took the photos and did a great job - phone: 08321/89002.
Mr. Gutsmiedl, Kreisbote and Mrs. Christine Kindt, Allgäuer Anzeigeblatt wrote the articles.
Thank you, ladies and gentlemen!!!! And a big THANK YOU goes to the wonderful people working
in the town hall and in the tourist office!!!
Town hall impressions: click here


East Hawaii Cultural Center's (EHCC) Museum Exhibition
with one of my works representing Sonthofen/Bavaria and
Germany in this international exhibition and afterwards
worldwide travelling show: click here


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