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Ingrid Kamerbeek @ IOnOne.com
artists since 3 generations

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ArtsCad.com - Ingrid Dohle Kamerbeek
visit Ingrid at Saatchi, London
Ingrid entries to PYGOYA GALLERY - click on gallery sign above
Gummersbach Roots- inspired by Indonesian journalist Dwin
Wedding Dance - inspired by Mariano Petit de Murat, Mexico
From my sketch book
Two of Ingrid's artworks at ai in Ulm
Leaves and Roots
Conspiracy - inspired by Randy Thurman, USA
"Just Ingrid - Lost in Dreams" Exhibit
Slideshow of latest exhibition for lastplace.com
Budapest Kiss
Latest series gallery - inspired by Heikki, Tampere/Finland -
Latest images gallery
September 05
Stone art
Aliens, Ufos and Co - inspired by Pygoya -
Ingrid's solo at Truly Virtual Web Art Museum
My exhibition at Mariano Petit de Murat's great site
Photo lyrics by Ingrid
Honolulu exhibition (THANK YOU, PYGOYA)!!!
Dreaming Girl for Tania's Russian Skool Bupapest Project
Money - August 2004
Mayan Treasures - August 2004
Los Angeles Exhibition - September 2004
Water - August 2004
Dancing Vitamins
Spaceship Channel Project entries - August 2004
New Generation
Birds 2005

Ingrid%20Dohle%20Kamerbeek Gallery on ArtsCad.com

Ingrid%20Dohle%20Kamerbeek Gallery on ArtsCad.com

Stoneart Exhibition by Ingrid

Webists Franz Graw and Ingrid Kamerbeek exhibit in Meisterschwanden

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artingrid and Webism at You Tube

Journey's of the Soul - Feb 2005

Visit my iD gallery feature

"Free Art License" series
Happy Birthday Series!!!!
Dracula I
Dracula II
2003 Series
Voyeur Series
Soul 1, 2, 3
Thinking of Picasso
A father/daughter teamwork
Thinking of Max Ernst - Mixed Media
New: Erotic Roses
Laura And The Men
The Blanket Series
The Disco Devil Series
All Things Must Pass Series
Big Fishes
Ever saw a soul? Now you can!
Galerie I
Galerie IV
Galerie V
Galerie VI
Galerie VI
My Renderosity Gallery
The Dumped Series
Special Angels
Webism Forever
2002 International CYBERART
My images at John Baselman's artsite
Miss Pixel
Destination Hawaii
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