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Real Life Exhibitions
2003 Euro Tour Pics
all tour dates: English / German
Frankfurt / Vienna / Budapest
Poster Budapest
Pygoya in Europe in person
for the first time in his life!!!!!!!!

On tour with "Halbe-Rahmen"


Press reports regarding the Angoulême/FRANCE Exhibition

Allgäuer Anzeigeblatt / Der Kreisbote (Announcement)/ Article about the exhibition in "Der Kreisbote"

Charente Libre / SUD OUEST / Article September 24, 2003 in "Allgäuer Anzeigeblatt" and in "Der Sonthofer", 10/2003

Working together for Culture and Peace

  Visit Angouleme       Visit Sonthofen              
Philippe Mottet
Mayor of Angoulême
Hubert Buhl
Mayor of Sonthofen
Angoulême Artist
Bernard Dumaine and
Sonthofen Artist
Ingrid Kamerbeek
and of course these
great artists and those
great ones listed below!
The "big motor"
behind it all:
Dr. Rodney Chang


Photos taken during the Reception
at Mayor Philippe Mottet's office
in Angoulême, 20 August 2003
August 8 - 21:
Angoulême, Espace Franquin, FRANCE
Bernard Dumaine made it possible!!!
Friday, the 8th of August, 2003, 6:00 pm
Photos from the Angoulême exhibition:
Meeting at the station
The exhibition
Angoulême hotel impressions
Mayor Philippe Mottet visits "Art Digital 2003",
21 August 2003
Thank you Mr. Bartholmé for making the date with Mr. Mottet possible!
2 Von Gogh Works-:))
Press Reports
Click here to find everything
about the big Comic Festival taking place in Angoulême each year in
January (sorry, in German only).


Participating artists:
Shankar Barua/India
Dr. Rodney Chang (Pygoya)/Polynesia
Bernard Dumaine/FRANCE -
personally present
Dieter Grossmann/GERMANY
Regina Hobein/GERMANY
Ingrid Kamerbeek/GERMANY -
personally present
Tibor Kovacs-egri/HUNGARY -
personally present
Galina Lukshina/UKRAINE
Parys St. Martin/AUSTRALIA
Uly Paya/AUSTRIA -
personally present
Dr. Hans-Georg Türstig/USA -
personally present
personally present










































August 8 - September 23, 2003
organized by Parys St Martin
Zest Café Gallery, Glenelg/South Australia
Friday, the 8th of August, 2003, 6:30 pm
Photos from the Glenelg exhibition

Participants of Zest Café Gallery Exhibition
November 3 - 12:
"First Pygoyan European Art Tour"
Webism - Art Connecting the World
France, Germany, Austria, Hungary
Works on Tour
The Honolulu Advertiser reports about
Pygoya's upcoming European Art Tour

Come and meet me in Europe!



Famous Dr. Rodney Chang (Pygoya)/Polynesia
on tour together with Ingrid Kamerbeek and Bernard Dumaine:
Frankfurt, Sonthofen, Vienna, Budapest
Interview with Pygoya
Interview in Deutsch
ARTIST - Pygoya in Deutsch
Airport Conference Center (ACC)
How to get there - click here
October 4 - November 14
Opening: 3 November, 7 pm
Norbert Strippel made it possible!!!
Hint on the official Frankfurt Airport Site

Participating artists:
Shankar Barua/India
Dr. Rodney Chang (Pygoya)/Polynesia
Wayne Cosshall/AUSTRALIA
Bernard Dumaine/FRANCE
Dieter Grossmann/GERMANY
Ingrid Kamerbeek/GERMANY
Tibor Kovacs-egri/HUNGARY
Galina Lukshina/UKRAINE
Parys St. Martin/AUSTRALIA
Norbert Strippel/GERMANY
Dr. Hans-Georg Türstig/USA
Sonthofen - Town Hall Reception
5 November, 5 pm
Many thanks to 1st Mayor of Town,
Hubert Buhl!!!
Many thanks to Mrs Petra Wilhelm!!!
Pygoya and Bernard Dumaine will stay
in the Pension - Café Johanna

Mayor of Town Hubert Buhl
and other wonderful town hall people
Dr. Rodney Chang (Pygoya)
Bernard Dumaine
Ingrid Kamerbeek


Golden Tulip Art Hotel Vienna
Brandmayergasse 7 - 9
October 25 - November 30
Opening: 8 November, 7.30 pm
Christian Ringbauer was helpful!!!
Photos from the breakfast room
exhibition starting on October 25

Professor Dr. Herbert W. Franke will lecture in Vienna.
I am very glad to meet him there again.
We met in Vienna in 2002 for the
first time at Mr. Fiedlers

Participating artists:
Dr. Rodney Chang (Pygoya)/Polynesia
Bernard Dumaine/FRANCE
Christian Fly/FRANCE
Professor Dr. Herbert W. Franke/GERMANY
Ingrid Kamerbeek/GERMANY
Tibor Kovacs-egri/HUNGARY
Benczúr Ház
VI. Benczúr u. 27.
November 12 - 14
Opening: 12 November, 6 pm
Tibor Kovacs-egri made it possible!!!

Participating artists:
Dr. Rodney Chang (Pygoya)/Polynesia
Bernard Dumaine/FRANCE
Ingrid Kamerbeek/GERMANY
Tibor Kovacs-egri/HUNGARY
Artists: If you want art legend Pygoya for an exhibition in your region too write to Ingrid
Apply for being chosen as exhibition place and may be he exhibits together with YOU too!

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