Webism Group Show 2007 in Wasserburg am Inn/Germany
initiated, organized and curated by Gerhard H÷berth
Above Webist artists
are personally present
at the opening reception
Wasserburg am Inn, Bavaria, Southern Germany
"WEBISM - a global movement"
Show at "Ganserhaus" Gallery of "AK68"
October 28th, 2007 till November 25th, 2007
Press releases:
Hint at Wasserburg official website
Where to stay in Wasserburg - click on Wasserburg at map
PDF file of all show images
Wasserburg Show Poster / Wasserburg Show Invitation designed by Gerhard H÷berth
Gerhard belongs to the board of directors of renown art club "AK 68"
running the historic "Ganserhaus".
Gerhard Hoeberth and wife Ilona at Wasserburg Illumination Feast 2007
Gerhard - lh side- and wife Ilona at "Wasserburg leuchtet"
on September 14th, 2007 where Gerhard's art was on show.
Thomas and Ingrid Kamerbeek visited the two and enjoyed the show

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