Webist artist and show curator and organizer Gerhard Hoeberth, Wasserburg am Inn, Bavaria, Germany Thank YOU, Gerhard, for the great organization of the "Gerhard Höberth and Webism" show opportunity at historic Ganserhaus gallery in Wasserburg am Inn, Bavaria, Germany!!! Thank YOU to "AK68" and Andreas Pytlik too!!!  
Gerhard's slide show!!! click here
Photos of the event as per date they come in by the participating Webists
Oct 30th, 2007: Brigitta / PeKa Krause, Eckernförde, Germany - click here for a fantastic view!!!!!!!
and here to view all photos
Oct 30th, 2007: Andre Maitre sent great shots!!!!!! click here

Oct 31st, 2007: Arno Signarowski sent great shots!!!!!! click here

Nov 11th, 2007: Habib Aghamohammadi sent great shots!!!!!! click here


Oct 29th, 2007: 1st glimpse of a fantastic Wasserburg opening reception
or.... waiting for Arno... - photos by Thomas Kamerbeek
Thomas Kamerbeek takes a nice romantic nap before the great Wasserburg show opening event... zzzzzzzz
Opening speech in front of a big crowd was given by Andreas Pytlik, artistic director of AK68
No this is not his speech manuscript... but the show poster with the names of all 24 Webist artists
on show in the historic Ganserhaus gallery
lh to rh: Herbert W. Franke (lh side behind Franke is the image of Kristina Maskarin, Rab Island, Croatia),  Munich, Germany, Andre Maitre, Moutier, Switzerland, Habib Aghamohammadi, Tabriz, Iran, Georg Hübner, Vienna, Austria, show organizer and curator Gerhard Höberth, Wasserburg am Inn, Germany (HE DID AN AMAZING JOB!!!!), Ingrid Kamerbeek,  Sonthofen, Germany, Björn Dämpfling, Berlin, Germany, Brigitta Krause, Eckernförde, Germany. All artists personally present at the opening are ready for the photographers... all?... NO... WHERE IS ARNO SIGNAROWSKI from Gladbeck, Germany....  
waiting for Arno...
waiting for Arno...
still waiting for Arno...
Ahhhhhhhhhh.... ARNO!!!!

Watch the impressions below and you will know why we are called Webism MOVEMENT

Webists in motion...
Hope you are enjoying this 1st glimpse of the amazing event. There are many more images
to come - even sharp ones - soooooooo.... stay tuned...
Everything was perfect. The teamwork with Gerhard was a pleasure.
And a BIG THANK Y0U GOES to the Webists personally present at the opening!
Habib Aghamohammadi traveled the long way to Wasserburg from Tabriz, Iran!!!!
And we are very happy and feel honoured to have had Professor Herbert W. Franke with us!!!!
We have also been lucky to welcome many life partners of the participating Webists:
Dr. Susanne Päch, Marie-France, PeKa, Silvia, Susanne Hübner, Thomas Kamerbeek. Some pics to come...
Habib Aghamohammadi chatting with Herbert W. Franke. In background Gerhard Höberth's artworks.
Ingrid Kamerbeek chatting with Herbert W. Franke. Rainer Grassmuck's images at lh side.
Brigitta Krause - lh side - joining the conversation... or should I say DANCE...
Our fantastic show organizer and curator Gerhard Höberth - rh side - joins us.
Fun time and harmony.
Two more Webists: Andre Maitre, lh side and Björn Dämpfling, rh side.
The master and his work: Björn Dämpfling

Having fun: lh to rh side: Arno Signarowski, Ingrid Kamerbeek, Andre Maitre, Habib Aghamohammadi

One of Pygoya's images at lh side, Georg Hübner's images in background.

Parys St. Martin's images at rh side.