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How WEBISM came to life.
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The WEBISM Movement would never have come to life without George Harrison of the Beatles! He's the spirit behind it all.... find out: click here

And for sure there's the spirit of
Webism term coiner and living legend Dr. Rodney Chang (Pygoya) as well as the spirit of artist Ingrid Kamerbeek (the two founded the "WEBISM Group of Worldwide Artists") in 2003 after their real life European Art Tour. Ever since Ingrid hosts the WEBISM official VIP member site at her website and does on a volontarily basis all organisation and coordination as well as some curatorial tasks worldwide. Only artists authorized by Pygoya and Ingrid can become VIP WEBISM group members to be included into the official WEBISM website.

Our open WEBISM Social Network can be joined at facebook.

Already back in December 2001 Pygoya's and Ingrid's global teamwork started. Inspired by the thought of artists working together on- and offline for art and beyond to make this world a better place Ingrid did her widely spread artwork "It's Global Consciousness".

The WEBISM founders intense co-operation started in 2002 with the 1st real life digital art show ever having taken place at the East Hawaii Cultural Center EHCC museum located in Hilo, Big Island, Hawaii, USA. At that time Dr. Rodney Chang ran the museum website and was curator of the 2002 International CYBERART EXHIBITION. Ingrid Kamerbeek was announced coordinator of the EHCC museum show as well as of the follow-up real life traveling exhibit by the museum's director Dr. Sudha Achar on January 12, 2002. Ingrid was also in charge with coordination of the 2003 and 2004 EHCC real life digital art shows. This was a heavy workload and Ingrid spent literally day and night working for the cause. This way a worldwide team of artists came together step by step to finally form the unique "WEBISM Group of Worldwide Artists". WEBISM is the global consciousness of its precious members.

CLICK HERE to visit all our WEBISM real life art shows starting with above mentioned historic 1st show till today and get back on a regularly basis to keep updated with WEBISM.


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