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Climate Change - the impact
ongoing on- and offline project and traveling show around the globe
Started by Webist  RAINER GRASSMUCK, Wuppertal/Germany in early 2007 as online project now being continued by active Webists worldwide under their respective responsibility as real life global traveling show (each Webist is responsible for her/his branch of the project) overall coordination for the Webism Group by Webism Group co-founder Ingrid Kamerbeek.
Real life exhibition show locations and opportunities around the globe:
latest events 2011 and 2012
"Climate is changing Music is Not"

Thank YOU, dear Vittorio Pavoncello for taking the traveling show on climate change to ROME, ITALY.

5th real life show on climate change at Più libri Rome book fair from Dec 7 - 12, 2011
in the framework of VIP WEBISM member Vittorio Pavoncello´s "Climate is changing Music is Not"
6th real life show on climate change at Insight Gallery, Via Marco Aurelio, 43, Rome from Dec 17, 2011 - July 30, 2012
in the framework of VIP WEBISM member Vittorio Pavoncello´s "Climate is changing Music is Not"
show initiator for both above mentioned show events Vittorio Pavoncello, Rome/Italy


Project timeline:
June 2007:
Show curator, organizer, coordinator: Parys St. Martin, show location: "The Lost Dog", Durango, CO, USA
August 2007:
ACA gallery owner Carol Mark hosts the show (show poster) at her Toronto/Canada gallery:
January 20th till March 1st, 2008 - opening on February 20th
November 2007: Kenneth-Edward Swinscoe told he got exhibition space at Ministry of Environment, Mainz/Germany
May 2008: Rainer Grassmuck told he got climate change show into "Galerie Tanke", Halver, Germany
October 2008:
Ingrid Kamerbeek met Martin Sambale, managing director of eza! energie- & umweltzentrum allgäu, Kempten, Germany. On November 27th the climate change show European branch (click here for show poster) took place at the historic KORNHAUS Kempten in the framework of eza's 10th anniversary. Click here for details.
May/June 2009:
May 16th to June 14th, 2009 WEBISM group show in the framework of "Project: Fresh Green + Components: Solo exhibition/installation by Elisa Pritzker", Mill Street Loft not-for-profit, Multi-Arts Educational Center based in the City of Poughkeepsie, New York, USA
A big THANK YOU goes to active Webist JOHN POWELL!!!
Impression from the eza! 10th anniversary celebration on November 27th, 2008 - initiative und kreative Lösungen zu Klimawandel, Umwelt und Gesellschaft! - initiative and creative solutions dealing with climate change, environment and society!

European Commission on climate change

IPCC website

photo credit IPCC
George Harrison on climate change and souls - click on image

We Are Earth Group at You Tube

BBC on climate change

Klicken Sie hier, um zur deutschen Version zu gelangen


The latest news regarding climate change splits up humanity to three points of view:

- I knew it all the time
- Thus it's true, how awful
- Nothing but making a fuzz, don't wanna know anything about it

In fact climate change is happening already since decades speeding up whilst we are watching. It also cannot be stopped in foreseeable time. All statements in respect to the future of our climate, influences on our lives are based upon facts which will be turned over tomorrow. How do we Webists look at the consequences due to climate change?

This project starts as online project but will become a real life show if sponsors are found. Look for sponsors in your area too to make this a real life show also in your region. Submissions will be printed, framed and exhibited with the help of sponsors, first in Germany then in other countries too. Therefore it is necessary to submit works in printable quality. To win sponsors for this exhibition an appropriate website will be set up starting April 1, 2007. This international project will only be feasible if at least 20 Webists are willing to get involved.

This is a juried show. Topic fitting images only please.

Attention: Participants are asked to put a link to the project page to their website.

Change of climate - the impact
3000 x 4200 pixel, 300 dpi
1500 x 2100 pixel, 300 dpi

Report at

Deadline online show March 31, 2007 (now extended without deadline)
- send to
Entries can be seen at starting April 1st, 2007
Participating artists of real life climate change shows
(online participants to be found at Rainer Grassmuck's site)
  David Borawski
  Cindy Coleman, Bayfield, Colorado, USA