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Project Initiator:
August 2004
Drinking water "The Life"

Henry Janok 2004, Title: "head stream in action"

"Drinking water 'The Life'"
"Drinking water, our most valuable possession"

Based on the human body’s made up of about 70% water, anybody with a little bit of imagination is aware that water is the basis of every life.

Regrettably not everybody has received word of this.

With our project                                     "Drinking water 'The Life'"


                                               "Drinking water, our most valuable possession"

We can make everybody start thinking about drinking water.

This type of art will globally contribute to maintaining clean and clear water which can be used as drinking water.

If the moon contained water that could be transformed into drinking water, we would already have big cities’ on this planet!!!

All of us are aware of the complicated methods to upgrade water to drinking water.

We also know that there are back flow prevention devices that prevent other consumer’s waste water from contaminating the drinking water in our water system.

Unfortunately these devices that have been available for decades, are not installed everywhere which consequently lets the contaminated water from some buildings enter the common drinking-water net.

In many cases, this leads to death and raises the question about how much some value another human’s life.

Often the mock explanation is given that somebody died of some sort of ailment.

I assume that everybody has had their own experience, good or bad, with drinking water.

My recollections go back to Malarkey in the sixties when we used the cheap champagne for brushing our teeth. Simple mineral water was extremely high-priced at that time.

The background information of this project:

"Drinking water ‘The  Life’ or Drinking water, our most valuable possession’"

The technical information:

Every participant can send in three images.

Image size should be 6" wide by 4.34" tall, 150dpi in JPG format.

In addition to the DVD presentation, there are plans for a slide show with subtitles.

So please stick to the required measurements since the image would not be able to appear in the slide show otherwise.

The processed images with subtitles will also be the basis of the DVD presentation.

Thus only images matching the given size can be used for this project. Sorry.

I wish everyone the best of imagination for the creation of these unique artwork that will address the entire world.

Thank you, and all the best to everyone,


"Alle Teilnehmer am project: "Drinking water 'The Life' " erhalten eine Teilnehmer spezial Urkunde zugesendet, der Umschlag wird mit einer
spezial Canada Sonderausgabe Briefmarke "Drinking water 'The Life' "
frankiert sein."
"All "Drinking water 'The Life' " participants will receive a special participation document by snail mail. Envelope with
extra Canadian special edition stamp"Drinking water 'The Life' "
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Guest artist
















Guest Artist:

Welcome to John Antoine Labadie

Art Department , The University of North Carolina at PembrokeEducation

Doctorate in Visual Arts Education, College of Design, Art, Architecture & Planning, The University of Cincinnati, Cincinnati, OH – 1994

MA in Visual Arts Education – with a thesis in Perceptual Psychology Wright State University, Fairborn, OH – 1980

BA in Painting, University of Dayton, Dayton, OH – 1973

Art Student, Dayton Art Institute, Dayton, OH – 1969-1971

Professional Experiences
Associate Professor of Art, Coordinator of Digital Arts & Director of Media Integration. University of North Carolina at Pembroke – 1994 to present