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Project Initiator:

Hello everyone!

The Webists are rolling and who knows where to. In any case, the goal, if there is any, is not as important as the rolling on. So, as part of that I suggest a project with the title:

Celebrating Venus' Transit 2004

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The idea is that all of you who want to participate create an image and mail it to me. I will publish them on the net and then perhaps we can get this as a show into astronomical places or others. This would be also concrete enough for sponsors. Perhaps this exhibition can travel around the world. Other options floating in my mind (CD), but let's first see how many pictures we get.

Since this Transit (most of you have either seen it or heard about it, right?) is still in the mind of people, we should move quickly on this. Thus I suggest the deadline for this image is the end of June.

OK. Let's roll. Here are the details in overview:

Theme: Celebrating Venus' Transit 2004
Image: Email a web-size jpeg file. (Keep a higher resolution file for the option of printing it later.)
Email to:
Deadline: 30th June 2004
Entrance fee: None

Greetings, Love and Peace!

Participating Webists:





























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