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Cecil's stamps
Hans' stamps

US Postage Stamp Project (fee)

Be officially on a US postage stamp

Latest news September 15th, 2004:

Have a look, click here

News September 7th, 2004:


Rejected on August 23rd, 2004 - but of course: Pygoya never gives up!
click on a. m. link and find out more about the whole story...
Cecil Herring set up a US Postage Stamp Site - September 2nd, 2004
Only Americans can order such stamps online. But non-Americans might ask Cecil and Py for help

Dr. Hans-Georg Turstig set up a US Postage Stamp Site - September 4th, 2004

September 6th, 2004 - Latest News from Hans:

Hello Webists,

Ingrids suggestion, to link the US Postal project to Parys' artistic
stamp project, is a great idea and for now I placed a link on my site.

The address for ordering US photo stamps is:

As far as ordering stamps, the financial aspect could be a bit
challenging but could be worked out. Photo Stamps at present are
available in the following US $ denominations only:

0.23, 0.37, 0.49, 0.60, 0.83, 1.06, 3.85

A normal letter to Europe, e.g., cost $ 0.80, a postcard $ 0.70. These
rates as you can see are not available at present. The closest are 0.83
and 1.06.

I will write to the US post office and suggest to have more values
available, esp. for overseas mailings. I will also suggest to make other
esp. rectangular sizes available, e.g. 1.2"x0.9", which is a regular
photo size. At present the only picture size available is a square of
1.1"x1.1". Also I will suggest to put a link on their website to Parys
stamp site as an example of artistic stamp designs.

Moreover, I suggest one webist from each country should contact their
postal service and referring to the US suggest that they also make this
available in their country. It will generate income for the post office
and many people will use it in various ways. Here everyone is very
excited about this.


Idea for artists who participate
in Parys St. Martin's project:
Digital Postage Stamps - throughout 2004

One of our three American Webists - see above - or may be all three of them could do the job for the participants of Parys' project, then send the stamps to the artists and also send one card with the stamp on it. Then every artist sends this card from America with the American stamp on it to Parys for her show in a gallery...

Good idea??? No, it's not complicated. It's easy-:)

See reference today news-

Wouldn't it be a cool Webist project if each Webist paid and had a sheet of
20 USA stamps with his/her portrait on it, or an artwork by the artist? I
did it online by going to But think all have to use
credit card only in dollars so limits participation to Americans? Don't
know... But to get around it, if American Webists have their foreign members
do it and figure out reimbursement, we could pull off such a official
collectible rare American stamp collection. Or series of US stamps with
theme of peace and love... I don't have the time for such a major project as
coordinator. I throw this idea out to my fellow American Webists. In the
meantime, I ordered a series of 7 stamps: 1 Webist founders stamp, 5 of my
artworks, and 1 of our pet dog, Hersey. Now if I make only 20 stamps of
each, this is very rare American stamps. Now if I signed each one, they
become miniature art stamps with legal USA postage value. Interesting new
phenomenum emerging from the computer, the Internet. I will post scanned
real stamps when they "arrive in 5-7 days" on a Web page and be among the
first to have such online as a new type of cyberculture. I am proud to
have one such first, designed and ordered on the first day announced by the
company with the approval of the U.S. Postal Service, as a Webist/Webism
stamp! PY

Participating Webists: