SURREALISM TODAY Digital Art Contest


Call for Digital Artists.  

MODA Museum Of Digital Art is honored to invite you to participate in the SURREALISM TODAY project/contest that will reunite the work of recognized digital artists from around the world. MODA, Curious Labs™ and DAZ™ welcome you to be a part of this virtual exhibition with no cost to the participants in an open space for digital painters to show their latest techniques, concepts and perceptions about surrealism reflected in their art pieces so they can be viewed by art lovers everywhere.  

This is a FREE contest, nevertheless, as in all of MODA's Digital Art Contests, there are great prizes for the winners!   Visit the contest page to check them out and prepare yourself for this fabulous Digital Art contest.  

http://www.modazone.com/surrealism.htm   Versión en español:   http://www.modazone.com/surrealism_esp.htm  

We wish all the luck to all participants!  

Mariano Petit de Murat MODA Museum of digital Art Director