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Project Initiator:
July 2, 2004

Celebrating Saturn
on the occasion of the spacecraft Cassini's arrival in June 2004
(for a short text about Saturn click here)

A Triadic Site Exhibition

a virtual art show on three different host websites
as a Webist experiment in innovative online display.


I heard today that our planet's spacecraft just made it THROUGH Saturn's rings in one piece!  How exciting for us earthlings, and how inspiring for us artists!  

With my year's Mars show stimulated by our little robot Rover which, at the very moment, is roaming the Martian surface, and Webist Hans's Venice Eclipse show now in construction, I cannot help desiring to startup a Webists' Saturn Rings show.  Let's do it, folks!

To follow up my current investigation into methodology of variance in the way Webists can display art on and offline, I propose the following-

How about a new combination of display split among two or three member web sites?  Most have been either contained on one site, for example, Parys's cool  Webist Pop portraits.  "Destination Hawaii" combines a local member's solo physical show with a wired group network show scattered among many web sites and contained to 1one page per site. But now how about a show co-sponsored by two or three sites? Sure I'd like to have a segment at, placing that cool Saturn link next to the Mars link that lead to pages intra-site.  

I am looking for other members, limiting the sites to three, who could like to co-host such a show online.  As much as possible I hope those who have not been active or provided leadership will accept the invitation to host the Saturn Webist exhibition. Write Ingrid or myself if you are interested.

For inspiration, checkout  (National Public Radio) or search "nasa   saturn."  Haven't yet gone there myself but heard there's some really hot closeups of the rings of Saturn!!!! Check it out, the rocket cost over a billion dollars to build.

I am also motivated to work with this theme because the rocket to Saturn shot up in 1997, the same time my was launched.  Seven years ago and now I have this itch to compare how much content and progress my virtual museum has made in the time it took the spaceship to travel to it's destination so far out in our solar system.  

At diner I shared the idea with the family and my 16 year old son said, "What? You mean it took seven years for the spaceship to get there and it's not even out of our solar system?  Don't you think much of the technology of that ship is OBSOLETE?" My, my, how the next generation thinks! I am proud of our feat and he's saying it's obsolescent.  

His comment did make me think about how dated much of my web site is, including many unknown broken links (the site went over a gigabyte recently and I am not about to check it out, page by page).  But like the Cassini the spacecraft, even with probable malfunctioning subsystems we'll never read about less understand, Truly Virtual Web Art Museum continues on its journey to complete its main mission of showcasing global cyberart and now the select Webists.

By the way, try to get a link at your site with a Hawaiian pic by you ASAP.  Friday, July 2, is the local show opening and many will take the brochure home and checkout the group  show at  If your name isn't there, well then, you're now a laggard on this project.  Since my show is at Che Pasta,  this means that wealthy eyeballs from Honolulu can end up at your Web site. So please hurry. Sure the local show is to July 23 here, but most traffic online is anticipated during and right after the local show opening hype.  I am standing in at the reception for 4 hours as a preacher of Webism on YOUR behalf. Join us online now. Do something tropical!

You all have a fine day - or evening!

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