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Project Initiator:

Art project:
Gallery AG - Budapest


Tatiana E. Pouzanova-Galatch

Latest development:



Laszlo Hirmann, Vice Director of high school (Brody Gimnasium),
in charge with Gallery:


Images by André Maître, Moutier, Switzerland

Images by Dan McCormack, New York, USA

Visit the main project site on Tania's website:

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Tania's show poster


"Dear Friends, dear Webists!
I want to make in Budapest an art gallery for kids.
My project is called "Gallery AG - Budapest".
So far 16 Artists have donated works for the project, for which I am grateful from my heart.
This is a non-commercial project. In return, the participants get publicity in a good place.
Thank you! Tatiana Galatch, Budapest"

Participating Webists:                                
Guest artists:
Jacques Fontan, 7 rue claude monet, 33150 Cenon, France
Pavel Kalugin, 652870 Mezhduretchensk Russische Föderation
Raquel Sarangello, Argentine
3 good old friends and painters from France- from lh to rh side:
Claude Petitjean, Jean Petit, Gerard Garnier
Claude Petitjean
17 Chemin de la Garenne Pierroton
33610 CESTAS (France)
E-mail :
"El Cordobes"
Manière noire
Gerard Garnier
133 Avenue de l'Hippodrome
33320 EYSINES (France)
"Le Phare de Cordouan"
Eau-forte +Aquatinte
by Gérard GARNIER
Jean Petit
7 Avenue F. Roosevelt
33700 MERIGNAC (France)
"La Cascade"
Eau-forte + Aquatinte (2 couleurs)
by Jean PETIT