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Project Initiator:
September 2004

Deadline: open end

Art/Portrait Time Capsules

an online Webists RETROSPECTIVE on the creative life

My fellow Webists,

 In today's times we rush through life, trying to make progress, never looking back from where we came from.  The idea for this project is to afford the artist the moment to reflect back on in order to share with the world the creative journey achieved.

Remember all the former 'artist portraits' you framed for exhibitions?  Remember when you didn't have the option of visualizing your feelings and thoughts without a mouse, for most, forced to use sticks with bristles?  Let's do an innovative project here for scholars and students of art alike-

On your website, create a page(s) with this format:

1. A BRIEF verbal introduction of yourself and art. State your name and country

2. Then by decades, PAIR up an artist portrait with a work of art from that period of your life. (We all want to see what you and your earlier works looked like!)  Include age of the artist; ladies, if you prefer, just state approximate year (or decade) ;=)

3. Please include the medium(media) used - this will show the world Webists that choose to use the mouse can also use the brush (or chisel, or clay, or camera, or multi-media, or in my case, construct an art installation)

4. I will link all such introspection through retrospection at an introductory Web page at I may also use material from this "show" in a gallery room of the upcoming Museum Of Webism.  (

Let's use the Internet to document our creative lives, how the artist physically changes along with the works he or she projects from the inner self!  This should assist all of us to know each of us much better.

Here's a glimpse from Ingrid's past. She complains: "Right now I'm not in the mood to look up the cellar and extra room with lotsa "good 'ol times" stuff":

Participating Webists:


just a glimpse for now-:)