"My Pet Plant" - a living green project
Plants as family members from around the world.
Can include the home environment in which it resides.

Webism Group co-founder Dr. Rodney Chang - Pygoya - Honolulu, HI, USA Initiator Dr. Rodney Pygoya Chang

participating artists:
Johanna Renate Woehlke, aka Cosia ImmerscheenMark Gebhardt, Jacksonville, Florida, USAChristine Valin, Menton, FranceWebism Group co-founder Ingrid Kamerbeek, Sonthofen, Bavaria, GermanyOlga Pavlova, Chisinau, MoldovaNicolai Miniuc, Chisinau, MoldovaBrigitta Krause, Eckernfoerde, Germany

entry by Pygoya as example:

Name of plant Tillandsia usneoides
Spanish moss, Pele's hair

Send jpeg, 72 dpi, of your favorite plant(s) as artwork or photo art to

Let Ingrid know you are in the project:


"This GREEN project, promoting appreciation of the diversity of plants, living things in general, display the care and responsibility to maintain it's health and vitality, and also convey the beauty plants bring into our daily lives.
I will put the show up at My Pet Plant as well as

Thoughts by Ingrid: Later we could exchange pollen of the plants around the globe to take care of each others favourite plant... we might also have a big worldwide art show at a plant house somewhere on this planet. Your active teamwork is appreciated.