My favorite pets are cats. I'm totally in love with cats. I always had cats.
But now we live in a very small flat - we did from 1999 to mid 2005. Thank God that isn't true anymore!
Now - since 2005 - we live in a nice big flat! But no cats because they need to be outside.
And so there are different kinds of pets now-:)


Background pic shows a little boy with his "German Dachshund".
They lived in the little village where I spent my childhood. Pic was taken around 1920.



Once upon a time:

This is "Putzi".
Putzi and Jenny were my "partners" during many years in different periods of my life.
I loved them dearly and miss them.
And this is "Jenny".


This is "Olaf"!
He was "born" on July 4th 1989!!!!!My special independence day-:) See how he loves me???

And this is "Olaf" and Thomas.

See how he love me-:)))




This is our French cow from Besancon.
This is a "male pet" I once knew-:)
And here from lh to rh:
Ingrid with Lui from London Zoo and
Olaf from Sweden (carrying Goofy from Moenchengladbach/Germany).

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