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Angoulême Exhibition Impressions "Art Digital 2003"



Zazie/Austria (Webist), Tibor (Webist) and Maria Kovacs-egri/Hungary,
Vinni and Uly Paya (new born Webist)/Austria
Uly Paya's (Austria) works
Bernard Dumaine (France) and Hans-Georg Türstig's brother-in-law
A work from Australian artist Parys St. Martin
Some more works from Australian artist Parys St. Martin,
Bernard Dumaine and Hans-Georg Türstig in background
Bernard Dumaine and Hans-Georg Türstig (Tibor Kovacs-egri's works in background)
Some of Zazie's works
Ingrid Kamerbeek's/Germany sexy works for France
Pygoya's (Hawaii/USA) sexy works for France
Regina Hobein's Seagull (lh side) and 3 works of Dr. Hans-Georg Türstig (USA)
Hans-Georg Türstig presenting his slide show
Some of Bernard Dumaine's works
Tibor Kovacs-egri's (Hungary) works
Shankar Barua's (India) works
Show participants
Bernard Dumaine's parents viewing the works of Hans-Dieter Grossmann (Germany)
Zazie/Austria with a visitor


From left to right: Visitor, Hans-Georg Türstig, journalist from Charente Libre,
Ingrid Kamerbeek, sister of Hans-Georg, Bernard Dumaine
Talking with the press: Bernard Dumaine and Ingrid Kamerbeek
Visitors (in the background: lh side: Katherine Dumaine)
Bernard Dumaine and Hans-Georg's brother-in-law
Thomas Kamerbeek and Hans-Georg's sister
Bernard in action
Uly Paya, Tibor Kovacs-egri, Maria Kovacs-egri, Imi Kovacs-egri,
Vinni, Hans-Georg Türstig
Ingrid Kamerbeek, Hans-Georg Türstig, Hans-Georg's sister, journalist from Charente Libre
Dr. Rodney Chang's (Pygoya) works and two (rh side) of Shankar Barua (India)
Some works of Dr. Hans-Georg Türstig (USA)
Hans-Dieter Großmann's (Germany) works
More works from Parys St. Martin (Australia)