Real Life Museum Cyberart Show:

East Hawaii Cultural Center (EHCC), Hilo/Big Island/Hawaii/USA

Hopefully the show can soon be visited online here: EHCC website

Jan 28: News from Sudha Achar, Director of EHCC and show curator:

Following Webism group members made it into the show. CONGRATULATIONS!!!!

- Dr. Rodney Chang (Pygoya)/USA
- Christian Couette/France
- Professor Dr. Herbert W. Franke/Germany
- Darin Ingalls/USA
- Ingrid Kamerbeek/Germany
- Tibor Kovacs-egri/Hungary
- Afanassy Pud/Russia
- Hans-Georg Turstig/USA
- Jonathan White/USA

Please use the banner I prepared for you to put on your websites:



An article appeared in the Big Island Newspaper "Herald Tribune":



Jan 23: News from Sudha Achar, Director of EHCC:

"Aloha Ingrid,

Sorry I was not available until today to write you the wonderful news about
the 4th Annual EHCC Cyber Arts Exhibition.

We have had some trouble with our computers and our webmaster also was not
available.Hopefully, the Cyber Arts will be up on our site this Saturday
(your Sunday).

The Cyber Arts were printed and framed beautifully at our expense and are
being exhibited in our Muaka gallery with much publicity for the artists.
Invitations were sent out to all our community members. The reception was
very well attended and was a lovely ceremony. The attendees gave a big
ovation for the artists around the world in their absence and to the local
artists that participated and were present at the reception. Our newspaper
"The Hawaii Tribune Herald" carried a nice article written by me, it will be
scanned to you soon. Our program book with the curator's report carries
names of all the artists and their country of origin. The write up in our
magazine "ArtCentering", circulated the news to all our members. Photographs
of the show and the artwork with names of the artists will be posted as soon
as we can, hopefully it will happen this weekend.

Best wishes and Congratulations!



Call for entries: 4th Annual EHCC Cyberarts Juried Exhibition 2004
CLOSED - watch EHCC website to find out who's in the January Show!!!
A big thanks to participating artists!!!! You're works arrived at EHCC.
Sudha Achar, Director of East Hawaii Cultural Center (EHCC) Museum
Ingrid Kamerbeek – co-coordinator
Official show logo by Ingrid Kamerbeek

Please send one or two works

"Dear Cyber Artists,
East Hawaii Cultural Center Invites you to participate in the 4th Annual
EHCC Cyberarts Juried Exhibition 2004 which will be held in the beautiful
Makai Gallery. The works will be viewed by all visitors and our members.
The EHCC will print, frame and exhibit selected works during the month of
January, 2004.
Work must be submitted to the EHCC e-mail address, by December 26, 2003.
The EHCC will carry some or all of the selected works on its webpage and
reserves the rights to any prints of the image.
All due care will be taken in labeling, printing and exhibiting the works,
but EHCC will not be responsible for any errors." (Text by Sudha Achar)