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Vienna Museumsquartier Exhibition May 27 - June 12, 2004
organized by Zazie and Uly


Participating Webists: Willem den Broeder/The Netherlands, Christian Couette/France, Bernard Dumaine/France,
Ingrid Kamerbeek/Germany, Tibor Kovacs-egri/Hungary, Uly Paya/Austria, Pygoya/USA, Zazie/Austria


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Uly Paya/Austria


Zazie and Uly gave their best to make the Vienna expo a big success!!!!!!!! IT WAS GREAT.


Uly Paya

Visit this great links to pics from the expo: article:
Also look up absolutearts articles about
Angouléme exhibition and
1st Pygoyan European Art Tour
Articles in "Der Kreisbote":
Article in "Allgäuer Anzeigeblatt":
Willem den Broeder gave every artist one of his great drawings as a present.
Look up mine. CLICK HERE
A few impressions from the opening:


In middle of pic: Mrs Jutta Lechner, Director of The Art Hotel Vienna and
Mr. Moser owner of The Art Hotel Vienna where we exhibited in Nov 2003





Monika Seywald from Vienna - tax consultant for the Webists soon





Monika Seywald and Ingrid Kamerbeek during a nice conversation
Photo: Willem den Broeder





Bernard keeps cool in the middle of motion







A scene from Uly's film "Cognition Fruits"













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