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August 2004
Update from Janok, August 21st, 2004:
Project: "Money 'Is money the Life'"    Money is a commonly known symbol for power, glory, gambling. (Deep down inside, we all know that a certain minority uses it for darkness, war, exploitation, slavery, destruction, blindness, abuse, etc. They say, "I don;t care about that.")   Let's try to convert this into colorful images with lots of phantasm and imagination.   Requirements for image size, etc.   6"wide by 4.34" tall, 150dpi, JPG format Title of each picture...   All of the images will be put in a frame with subtitle, the artist name and project name.   This will appear in the DVD presentation as well as in the slide show.   By the way, I think that I can get this project to contribute to the opening of a new casino.   The required size, etc. for the images of this project "Money 'Is Money the Life'" are the sane as for the project "Drinking water ' The Life'"   Thank you and have a great day, janok
Money ("is money the life")

"Jeder Webist kann drei Images einsenden 150 dpi 6" Width by 4.34" Height (1" = 2,54 cm), JPEG file   Ich habe da zwei sachen ins Auge gefaßt wo selbige auf einer Leinwand etc. gezeigt werden können.   Einsendeschluß ist Nov 11, 2004   (Ich werde zu diesen Zweck die Image jeweils auf eine disk brennen zum Vorführen.)   Liebe Grüße, janok"

Each Webist may send 3 images: 150 dpi, 6" Width by 4.34" Height, jpeg file.

Janok will produce a CD and will show our images on a projection screen.

Deadline: November 11, 2004

Please send images to Janok directly and keep me informed too:

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