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Mark's iD Magazine Project

...please tell the Webismers that I need 20-25 images around 650 pixels (or 9 inches) wide to create a substantial exhibit...need a brief bio also along with their email address to be published and their hometown and their Web address...these elements make a good exhibit and since iD Magazine is by the artist (I play the oboe) and for the artist, I have their best interest in I said before, the artist's interpretation of the Miss iD image is preferred but not necessary...

  Check iD Out!
You have the opportunity to include your artwork in what could quickly become the hottest online art exhibit to hit the Internet.   This exhibit, named Mother Millennia, is composed of several interpretations of Miss iD (the image shown below) and will help demonstrate the powerful healing effects of the arts.

You can paint Miss iD, draw her, sculpt her, collage her, or use any other artistic approach to recreating the image in your interpretation.  It will be included in the Mother Millennia exhibit, a show that represents world peace in female form.

We need your interpretation of Miss iD, encouraging your complete freedom with the design you choose.  Please send images of your artwork soon.  We are anxious to add your work to the collection.  Sooner is better because a peaceful World War of the Arts shouldn't wait.

Send your jpeg or gif images to us by using the e-mail links at the bottom of this and every page or within the navigation area at the top of most site pages.  Make your cropped images approximately 650 pixels wide (9 inches wide).  Ask how to mail photos.

Viewers will be allowed to click on a smaller version of your images to see larger versions that offer more detail, as they currently can with the images displayed.  Please participate and add the Mother Millennia exhibit to your portfolio.



Participating Webists:                                


Ingrid's interpretations of "Miss iD" for Mark's magazine

What's your favorite?





















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