a project brought to life for the Webists by Susan Graves, Nottingham / London
"I know I have already mentioned my contacts in Nottingham, but I have been waiting to have a meeting with Jim from the Creative Collaborations Project who works with New Media, digital technology and its potential creative uses.
I have had a meeting with Jim and he has asked me to prepare a brief to put to Webists for them to contribute to a "Live Streamer Event" happening between Nottingham and Leeds. It is part of the 3 cities project which may attract some funding etc, but we need a product which includes collaborations of different artists. He would be able to:-
a) curate an exhibition;
b) Use a Beamer to exhibit on an external surface;
c) Live Stream the event as it happens in Leeds.
His idea was for a theme, and the theme would be:- MAPPING:
Mapping cities; mapping spaces; mapping personal history; mapping bodies; mapping minds;
Or you could go further by mapping original sketches through to the final piece of work.
The English dictionary definition of Map or Mapping is as follows:-
Concise Oxford Dictionary - 1976
map n. Representation (usually on plane surface, cf. globe) of (part of) earth's surface, showing physical and political features etc., or of the heavens, showing positions of stars etc.; (sl.) face; (wipe) off the ~, (colloq.) (render) of no account, obsolete, in(to) oblivion, very distant; on the ~ (colloq.) to be reckened with, prominent, important (put on the ~, make prominent etc.); hence ~' LESS a. [f. L mappa napkin; in med. L mappa (mundi) map of world]
map v.t. (-pp-). Represent on map; (Math.) associate each element of (set) with one element of another set; ~ out, plan out, arrange in detail (course of conduct, one's time, etc). [f. prec.]
Pocket Oxford Dictionary - 1975
Map. 1. n. Flat representation of the earth or some part of it with its physical or politicalfeatures or of the heavens (off the ~, colloq., of no account, in(to) oblivion).
2.v.t. (-pp-). Make ~ of; ~out, plan arrangement of. [L mappa napkin]
Rogets Theasaurus of English Words & Phrases – 1992
(554) REPRESENTATION, delineation representment.
Art, the fine arts, design, designing, illustration, imitation (19), copy (21).
An image, likeness, icon, effigies, effigy, fac-simile, imagery, stagery."


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