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Photos from the castle gallery
This is a Flickr badge showing photos in a set called Webism Group Exhibition at Laubach Castle Gallery, Laubach, Hessen/Germany. Make your own badge here.

also watch photos on Ulrike's site:

and scroll down to watch Andre's and mine. Don't miss the slide show.



Webist Arno Signarowski's image in background



Ingrid Kamerbeek's images in background

blond lady is the wife of well-known fantasy writer Boris Koch from Berlin standing next to her,

next to Boris Koch: Uwe Sommerlad from Frankfurt, also a writer


another fantasy writer: our great Webism founder Dr. Rodney Chang (Pygoya)

here to be seen as selfportrait for the Dracula show done from a pic taken
at house of famous horror writer Stephen King in Bangor

photo by Ingrid Kamerbeek



Regina Hobein's image in background
Ulrike Wyche lh side - boss of Dracula Society who made our exhibition come true


for more pics from Mark Benecke click below


Webists who were personally present at the opening


Beautiful Webist Regina Hobein in nice romantic hotel Café Göbel
where Thomas and I stayed. Very nice, friendly folks and a gorgeous breakfast!




lh to rh side: Regina Hobein/Webist, Björn Dämpfling/Webist,
Ulrike Wyche of Dracula Society, Andre Maitre/Webist



Berlin Webist Björn Dämpfling between his artworks with designer shirt showing one of his Creative Creatures



lh to rh side: Thomas Kamerbeek/sponsor, nice visitor from Frankfurt,
Regina Hobein/Webist, Andre Maitre/Webist at Laubach town hall


Photos by Webist Andre Maitre



Below some of the pics taken by Ingrid Dohle Kamerbeek

or watch the slide show at flickr: click here

A Jazz Session took place along with our exhibition opening!
Quite nice because there were more interested and interesting visitors!
They spent half of the money to help New Orleans folks!



Regina hands over to Ingrid a nice present. THANK YOU, REGINA!!!!


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