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Project Initiator:
August 2004
LA Opportunity
Deadline: September 6th

The Director of the Los Angeles Center for Digital Art (, Rex Bruce, wrote: “If a number of webists enter submissions to snap to grid we could place them together in the grid. I will take a look at your sites and check out what you are doing.”


This refers to a project you can find here

There is an entry fee of US $ 30.


Consider this: we may later get into this gallery with one of our projects or a new project, and our chances of doing so may be higher if we already participated as a group in this present show. Check it out, and if you want to participate as Webists - grouped together, send an email to Ingrid by Monday, August 16th. Deadline for the project is September 6th. We will then let you know, if its worthwhile to enter as a group. For that, I would say, we would need at least 15 artists, otherwise it looks kind of funny and may be counter productive. So lets introduce Webism to the LACDA as a strong, coherent, relevant, active, creative group of international artists!


Lets go for it! Write to Ingrid soon.



Participating Webists: