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Dirk's Kunstsommer Invitation


Hi Webists.
Is there anybody to have a webist-slideshow  - or something like that. A presentation of webists, the ideology (in few sentences) and some pictures. A local art event starts next time. And I hope to place a automated slideshow on an preinstalled beamer. Unfortunately I do not have enough images and capacity to create a professional beamer-exhibition. So have a step before me.
Pls send until mid of next week to
Dirk Eisner
Hinter dem Pfeiferturm 5
Germany 75015 Bretten
You can also give me an URL to a ftp server, to download it. Of course I can burn a CD myself.
I appreciate to be so late, and hurrying in last minute. Hope you don't mind. However it's just an opportunity and I hope to place it.

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