Jac and Ingrid 2006
Jac Depczyk came to see me in Sonthofen on August 28th, 2006
on his journey through Europe. From Sonthofen he drove to Linz
to attend the ARS ELECTRONICA. One of its founders is Webist
Jac is as fantastic as his art!!!!!!!!!!
For now here is a pic of each of us doing a selfportrait.
Come back soon to find our pic together in Sonthofen restaurant DIE POST!

as usual the unavoidable selfportrait in the bath this time

@ Jac Depczyk

selfportrait Jac Depczyk, who visited me on August 28th, 2006

visit his
and talk to him about positioning your self at reasonable cost using his great database system

Here we are in Sonthofen restaurant DIE POST

It is easy to see, I am really fond of Jac!