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WEBISM - Art Connecting the World

6 artists who met on the web

came together

to exhibit

in Angoulême/FRANCE:

Bernard Dumaine

and Ingrid Kamerbeek

collaborated to make

this dream come true.


Below you see a station:

- A station for trains


- A station in the life of 6 artists

from 5 different countries who

met there in person to have

a nice dinner together.

Watch the Angoulême station photo carefully,

you can see Dr. Hans-Georg Türstig there already who

arrived there on August 8th, 12:00 Midday and was welcomed

by his fellow artists as well as by his sister and her husband who live in Bordeaux near Angoulême.

It was a wonderful moment for me to see him coming out of train! Felt like I would have known him already!

We all had a nice dinner together in the air-conditioned station restaurant. Thank God! Watch the outside

temperature to be seen on the station photo!!!!!