Ingrid Kamerbeek



Dr. Rodney Chang (Pygoya), Cyberart Pioneer and Director of "Truly Virtual Web Art Museum" about Ingrid Kamerbeek in April 2002:

"Born in 1952 in Gummersbach, Germany. Currently lives in the romantic area of Bavaria. The beautiful landscape not only attracts many foreign tourists worldwide but also provides inspiration for Kamerbeek’s art.

After high school the artist embarked on a very special education in graphic arts through tutelage and apprenticeship with her grandfather and father, two previous family painters.

Kamerbeek owned galleries in Mönchengladbach and in Kaarst near Düsseldorf before creating her own web site which assists also other cyberartists to gain exposure for their work. A true inspirational leader and motivator for the cyberarts."

Since 1999 I have been doing digital paintings. For me the computer is the ideal tool to express my creativity. No other tool enables such an immediate and spontaneous translation of my emotions. The computer offers, so to speak, a direct line to the world of my thoughts and life experiences.

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