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Dirk's Hoelderlinhaus Project

"Hi Webists
in january I have a new real world exhibition in the Hoelderlinhaus - Maulbronn - Germany.
- -
It's a challenge, a house without 90 degree angles, everywhere round walls, only 1 door, which is the front door. The idea is, that like every point is in contact/relation with another point also every human is in contact/relation with another human. My exhibition is name 'men thus men', you can modify it to human thus human, (wo)man thus menkind, man thus woman, whatever. And it's a message.
And the message are we. During the opening on 16 January 2005 I also intend to have a notebook withme showing a presentation about webists. Because we are one materialization of who 'menkind thus humans', around the world.
For this I intend to use the powerpoint slideshow I already created for "Kunstsommer" event this summer. If anybody want's to participate, send me 2,3 links or images, your small photo, and if you like a theme relates mission statement.

You are wellcome.

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