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"... Epidemic" is the product of our all negative thoughts in this world.
As much as we can’t see what our thoughts can do to us, and know its effects,
We unintentionally create various epidemics in our life.
We are also the cause of the epidemic growing and spreading among us.
We are those who feed it and give it power.
All we need is belief, trust and pure Intensions. If we'll fill our minds with those feelings instead of judgment, jealousy, sorrow and fear that surround us every day, we'll be able to find our true potential inside ourselves.
Our true cause of being here. The answer is inside you.

Epidemic Online Production
Kashirin Alex"
        Carol Mark, socially engaged gallery owner and nurse                          
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Brad Michael Moore:
I feel today, people around the world, more than every, are trying to bring forth our differences instead of considering, foremost, the ideas we have in common. If politicians, and CEO's, and leaders of religion, would look for and work towards our common ground - the needs in our world be better addressed and life and future would seem more promising. As individuals, we still have our roles to make and can effort to set examples that bring others together instead of enforcing polarization. As individuals, our contributions may seem small, but if we are diligent, many small contributions add up to more significant headway - leading to movements, empowerment, and greater societies. I wish us all luck for when we reach out a helping hand to others - they too, are more likely to catch us when we fall. It is most wise to always be watchful of both where we came and also where we place our next step."
    June Kaminski - a stunning woman                          
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Kashirin Alex, Brad Michael Moore, Radio Free Mercury, Piero Resta, June Kaminski,
Eddi from Zürich, Switzerland, Brigitte Hoppstock, Michelle York (Uma), Daniel Chavez,
Christine Valin
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