WEBISM - art connecting the world
The idea of worldwide WEBISM real life shows was born at "FEINE MEILE" (also known as Stadtgäßle, Schmiedgäßle, Bahnhofstraße) in 2002 when Ingrid Kamerbeek lived and worked at Bahnhofstraße 10a. Press articles below.
Website address changed to www.artingrid.de
In 2004 international artworks of WEBISM could be seen at PHLOX.

Kamran Ehsani and Ingrid Kamerbeek in FEINE MEILE 2009
Ingrid and Thomas Kamerbeek at FEINE MEILE 2009 opening along with renown Artist and photographer Jac Depcyk from London sitting next to Ingrid - lh side - who was visiting and did some great shots of the opening.

Jac Depcyk, London and Simone Tassoti, Cafe M1, Sonthofen during a photo shooting at Cafe M1 on September 9th, 2009

2009 a great art show was presented by Gudrun and Kamran Ehsani

1. Sonthofer Kunsttage - 2009, Schmiedgässle, Sonthofen, Oberallgaeu
"FEINE MEILE" with fine art






Ingrid Kamerbeek met Wolfgang Zelmer in 1980 in Moenchengladbach/NRW, where she ran "Galerie Bilderhaken".
Back then he exhibited in a Moenchengladbach gallery where she got his catalogue, lh side.
She'ld never would have thought to get another catalogue, right vis-á-vis from her flat in 2009.
It came true because Kamran and Gudrun Ehsani set up an impressing art show in Sonthofen.

Dynamic and wonderful Gudrun und Kamran Ehsani in their gallery in Schwäbisch Gmünd


Find some "FEINE MEILE" Sonthofen show impression below

























Artwork by Josef (Sepp) Schmid, Bad Hindelang
his artwork can always be seen at
Alpenrose, Markstr. 28, Bad Hindelang



Cornelia Beßler, actor and writer, Bad Hindelang




















































































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