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from worldwide artists (Webists) reports about Dracula exhibition
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Dr. Rodney Chang - Pygoya - Honolulu, Hawaii, USAGeorg Huebner, Vienna, AustriaAndre Maitre, Moutier, SwitzerlandArno Signarowski, Gladbeck, Germanyguest Webist in Dracula show... Bjoern Daempfling, Berlin, GermanyMariano Petit de Murat, Mexico City, MexicoKytom L. Freibrug, GermanyCome to my castleIngrid Kamerbeek, Sonthofen, GermanyParys St. Martin, Adelaide, AustraliaErato Tsouvala, Piraeus, GreeceRegina Hobein, Bad Wildungen, Germany
Webists who were personally present at the exhibition:
Regina Hobein, Bad Wildungen, GermanyAndre Maitre, Moutier, SwitzerlandBjoern Daempfling, Berlin, GermanyIngrid Kamerbeek, Sonthofen, Germany Take a closer look: click here
All Participating Artists:

Poster design by Alexander Silyanov Odessa, Russia

Webism Group Show November 4, 5, 6
Dracula Impressions from Worldwide Artists "Webists"
at Schloss Laubach, Hessen/Germany
Thank you, Ulrike Wyche of Dracula-Society!!!!!

NEWS on September 28th, 2005 in my local paper:

Dracula Museum of which Ulrike is the director re-opened!!!!
CONGRATS, dear Ulrike!!!

Exhibition will take place in the "Schlossgalerie" (castle gallery) next to "Alte Küche" (former kitchen) - 50 - 60 qm - of Laubach castle:
"Hawaiian Vampi in Vienna" by Ingrid Kamerbeek © 2005
Webists may send up to 5 work(s)

Your entries will be on show on this website (as in Birds 2005 project)

as well as at Laubach castle in November.
Send work(s) as jpg image, size similar to above example, 72 dpi
Be prepared to send your images till September 30 as prints with mats for the real life Laubach castle exhibition. Frame size is 40 x 50 cm (15.75 x 19.68 Inch). Frames are here with me. Your image may be any size within this limit.
Images to be sent
with mat (Passepartout)
Ingrid Kamerbeek
Bahnhofstr. 7
D-87527 Sonthofen/Bavaria/Germany

Deadline for jpg works to arrive in my email box: June 30

Deadline for arrival of prints or shawls
(or both if you wish) in my real life post box: September 30
Your personal presence during the Congress is highly appreciated!

Invitation designed by Ingrid

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