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Project Initiator:

Webists only invitation to Py new truly Webism project (online interactive in support of networked visual arts cyberculture)

"Destination Hawaii"

Theme: artist's interest in seeking out how others located globally perceive Hawaii and display through their creative personal style and expression.

How to participate: Make a new page on your web site, with title of show on top, "Destination Hawaii" - a Webism Exhibition by world Webists. Link to

On this page, at least one image related to perception of these tropical islands in the Pacific, unlimited other images if artists want to do a personal series.

Target media: I will send invitation to networked global pages to local
government (the govenor's office, the mayor of Honolulu office, the office of tourism, and local newspapers). If it's about Hawaii and how it is preceived by outsiders around the globe, it should generate interest and support here.

There is total artistic freedom. If you think Hawaii is just another
tourist trap, well then, express that as your freedom of expression and speech. Or possibly get inspired by the now erupting Volcano on the Big Island of the Hawaiian Chain.

See  for spectacular photos; caution on lava rock ledges falling into the sea: June 15th edition

I am submitting an offer in Mauna Loa Estates subdivision in the rain forest, up close to the top of the volcano. Buy where the lava has been spilling over on the other side of the crater since 1983. At night, due to the elevation, one walks in the clouds, or 'fog' at one's feet in climate like San Francisco at night. 50F's.

Deadline: July 15

Don't send any images to Ingrid and Pygoya. Want to have fun too, we are fellow visitors of your web page in this global theme show, we'll see each artist's works when we visit your web page. I will create an Introduction to the show page at with all the participating artist's page links.

No fee, no jury, all tropical paradise imagination, for better or for worst (we have lost some daring tourists to the unforgiving volcano).

Nice to do this show during the summer as it's peak season on Waikiki Beach and the volcano is very spectacular now, drawing over 2000 hikers a day close to the danger zone.

My fellow Webists, have fun with this one!



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