David Camp




David Camp, Digital Artist, Background Notes:I was born in 1950 and reside in Madison, Wisconsin, USA. My life has passed through several stages. At one point math and physics were my focus. I expected to be a professor in one of these fields, but became too restless for that and turned to the arts. Eventually settling into a university library position, I spent much of my free time writing. A fantasy novel titled "The Inferno" is the main fruit of this period in my life.

I bought my first computer in 1995, and in 1996 I began learning several 3D art programs, including the first version of Bryce for a PC. By the year 2000 I was posting a gallery a month to my personal web site. Events in my life, some relating to my novel which began to manifest in my life in a very strange way, made me turn to the work of Dante's work for themes in my art. Shortly after September 11th of 2001 I began a 1,800-image Divine Comedy art project, not a literal illustration of the poem, but my own interpretations. Now that is finished and I have moved on to a larger project intended to portray a system of planes influenced by Eastern mystical thought. My 3D work is extremely varied. It is shaped by each theme that I deal with. It is my wish to make the invisible visible.

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