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Photos and Press Release "Cologne Cyber Dome Project"

e-rich's media info / Vlado's report

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Erich (e-rich) Fritz, Cologne/Germany in action in his cyber dome!



Fotos: Carsten Thiele, Cologne, Germany, © C. Thiele


Here are some thoughts about the event from e-rich translated by Webist Dr. Hans-Georg Turstig

Dear Webists,

Finally the time has come to lift the secret of the „Cyber Dome Project“ ;>)

Two weeks ago the well known Cologne sculptor Odo Rumpf invited several of his artist colleagues to participate in an interesting project: The “Culture- and Culture-Lifting-Machine for Cologne”. You can find information regarding this project at

Spontaneously I decided to participate. Because even though the thing was afflicted with irony and critique, it wasn’t looked at too serious either.

A week later my ideas was mature: to create the “Cyber Dome Cologne”. Information about this you also find at under “» Konzepte teilnehmender Künstler”
My poster "Art Kolonne 2004" was ready ;>)

The colleagues were enthusiastic and I began with the assembly of 2000 CD’s on a 20 square meters net. During the manual labor (which was strenuous and yet refreshing for a digital artist) I contemplated the construction of the supportive chassis which on the one hand had to be stable and secure but on the other transportable and  quickly to assemble.

During those creative contemplations I decided to provide the digital dome with such kind of art and to thus filled transport it into the “holy” Cologne. Since the space in the “Cyber Dome” was quite limited, I only invited a few of the Webists to participate. A few hours later I already found three images by Pygoya in my mailbox, followed by Ingrid and Vlado. The equally beautiful picture by Hans unfortunately arrived half a night too late (what a pity!).

Last Friday I briefly interrupted my muscle strengthening work to participate in the solemn decoration of the crane.

Tuesday morning at 4:15 am all preparations for the dome were completed  and at 9 I was on my way to laminate four cyberdome pictures and the Webism poster.

Poster at the entrance portal of the "Cyber Dome":

...(proudly) presented:

Pictures mounted in the back of the inner area :

Afterwards I erected the gigantic (for me) structure on the banks of the Rhine at the Hitdorf ferry and positioned the poster and the Webists’ pictures inside. At 3 pm I joined the “ART-CONVOY” in Monheim, to accompany the “Culture-Lifting-Machine” to Hitdorf.

After a breathtaking drive at a walking pace (the crane was accompanied by the tractor of the artist Ketan which was equipped with the orange blinking lights for heavy transports and two white chicken wings at the radiator grille)  the convoy accompanied by a 2 km long queue of friendly honking automobiles reached Hitdorf at 5 pm. Here it was greeted by the “Cyberdome” which was sparkling in all colors of the entire spectrum.  (Photos will follow.)

After an hour rest the “Cultur-Lifting-Machine” and the “Cyberdome” together were brought across the Rhine to the Cologne bank with the ferry. Here we mounted the Dome on a trailer and “raced” with 50 km/h to the studio of Odo in Cologne-Nippes where it found its provisional location in front of the entrance area.

Around 8 pm crane and tractor too arrived here safe and sound and the participating artists – tired but very content - allowed themselves a well deserved refreshment ;>)))

A wonderful event on an equally wonderful sunny Sunday.

We decided that this wouldn’t be the last shared action.

Thank you for your spontaneous participation.

Press - perhaps more article will follow, present were 7 journalists, however until now I only know of the this report:

While writing this I got an idea to continue this: We could develop this Cyberdome-story further into a proper Webism-Project and now invite everyone to send in  pictures to the subject “Cyber Dome”, “Dome” or “Cologne Dome”. I then could try to organize an exhibition here in Cologne. Presently the Dome, which the people of Cologne are very proud of, is a very hot topic regarding world cultural heritage.

What do you think?

Long live Webism !



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