Meeting abstract painter Christian Ringbauer


From left to right: Christian Ringbauer, Uly Paya, Ingrid and Thomas Kamerbeek, Zazie
It was great to meet Christian Ringbauer from Bat Tatzmannsdorf near Vienna
at his Art Hotel Vienna opening on November 29, 2003!!!!!!
Of course Christian and myself met on the web
and he was the one who recommended to exhibit in The Art Hotel.
Also wonderful: I brought together 3 Vienna residents who didn't know each other so far:
Christian Ringbauer, Evi Moechel (Zazie) and Uly Paya.





Meeting Zazie and Uly Paya on last day
of the Vienna Art Hotel Breakfast Room exhibition
in "Die Galerie", Vienna


Isn't it a nice moody atmosphere in this romantic Vienna place?




Below some impressions from the evening: Uly Paya and Zazie taking digi pics whenever and wherever you meet them!

And: Our way back home to Sonthofen from the last European show place and time for 2003. Little CLIO is fantastic!