Historic First E-Mail Art Show

March 2 to 16, 2004


Dear Friend,

This is a historic first art show of original works made only for email display.  The international Webists art group experiments with using your email viewing as a virtual art gallery!

There is nothing to buy. If you enjoy the art, please forward to friends. We only ask that you do not save the art because it is intended to only exist in this email. After you have enjoyed it, and hopefully fowarded to art lovers, please delete this email.

If you would just send us word that you participated in this historic first email art show, as a recipient of the email show, we would appreciate it. Write to so we can estimate the people that 'attended' to this unique exhibition.  Please tell us what city and country you reside in and name your favorite email artwork. We promise to delete your email address after receiving your poll response. The tally will be documented at an art web site.

Thank you for sharing with us this precious art event. 

Ingrid Kamerbeek ( and Pygoya ( are organizers of the conceptual show.



  Spam Filter by Mike Butler/Canada 


  e-Post Office by Dr. Rodney Chang (Pygoya)/USA


  Global Network by Erich Fritz/Germany


  Night Owl Webists logo by Istvan Horkay/Hungary


  Chain e-Mail by Darin Ingalls/USA


  Connecting the Cyberworld by Ingrid Kamerbeek/Germany


  E-Link by Vijay Kochar/India


  e-Mail 4 by André Maître/Switzerland


  Digital 3 by Parys St. Martin/Australia


  Steffi in Space by Dan McCormack/USA


  The Power of Web by Norbert Strippel/Germany


  Communication as fast as lightning by Hans-Georg Turstig/USA



Here are some reactions:


"hello thankyou for your concept. my friend sent it my way and it was really interesting and innovative.

thanks. my name is Lisa Abbatomarco and i line in Kingston, NY USA my favorite email artwork was "Connecting the Cyberworld" good luck. "


"Dear friends congratulation with this Event,

I liked all art works.My favorite is done by ParySt,Martin.

I am an artist  Mehriban Efendiyeva. 

I live  in Baku,The Azerbaijan Republic."


"Hello,       I'm living in Jinju, S Korea. I loved the piece, Steffi in Space.     This is a great idea!   Leah"


"Hello, I liked the ninth piece of artwork from the top.  Tadatuo Corvallis, OR USA"

"Dear Pygoya and Ingrid,

Thanks for sharing this 'historical' email computer art show.   It was interesting and fun.  Always enjoy imaginative 'firsts'. 

Mahalo nui loa(thank you very much) from Honolulu, Hawaii.  I particularly enjoyed the art by Martin from Australia. 



"My favorite email art work is PYGOYA...   I'm from Honolulu, Hawaii."


"Honolulu, USA Bronson Chang Fav: Night Owl"


"Allen Mayhew from Lakewood, Colorado, USA.

Favorite work:  Digital 3 by Parys St. Martin, Australia"


Date: Mon, 22 Mar 2004 15:59:55 -0500

Hello Ingrid,
I received a forward for your e-mail exhibit from Georgi Lessedra of the
Lessedra Gallery in Sofia, Bulgaria. I run an art gallery (drivethru
studios, in Chicago USA, and I was
particularly interested in your exhibit since I do a lot of work with
electronic and new media.

I had a few thoughts about your exhibition:
First, I think it's great to show work in this format (e-mail), it reaches
a large audience and can is not held back by the usual restraints that
gallery spaces have-- shipping costs, etc.

I found it difficult to judge accurately the quality of the work, since the
images are very small and there is no way to enlarge them. In the future,
it may be more beneficial to have a link to a website where larger images
are stored. That way, the e-mail itself can be quite small without
pictures, and give the viewer a chance to experience the work in a more
optimal way.

There should be a way for others to participate, possibly a form to fill
out or something. It was unclear as to how these artists were picked, and
how they relate to each other.

I think it would be a good idea to mention more information about the
work-- since all this can be stored online, it is possible to have much
more information about all the artists, how the work is made, and most
important what the media is-- are all these images digital files, are they
photographs of paintings, are they sculptures?

Anyway, I think what you are doing is beneficial to the artists and the art
world in general, and the next time you have such an exhibition feel free
to send me an e-mail. Good luck,
eric medine
drivethru studios
626 w. 18th st
chicago IL USA 60616