L'espace Franquin, Angoulême, 8 August 2003

from left to right: Dr. Hans-Georg Türstig/USA, Bernard Dumaine/FRANCE, Ingrid Kamerbeek/GERMANY, Zazie/AUSTRIA, Uly Paya/AUSTRIA, Tibor Kovacs-Egri/HUNGARY


More photos taken by Ingrid and Thomas Kamerbeek, Zazie, Dr. Hans-Georg Türstig, Uly Paya



Reception at Mayor Philippe Mottet's office in Angoulême, 20 August 2003

Mayor Philippe Mottet visits "Art Digital 2003", 21 August 2003

Meeting Mr. Mottet's Office Director Christian Bartholmé,
who speaks German, on 18 August 2003

Thank you Mr. Bartholmé for making the date with Mr. Mottet possible!





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