Webist André from Switzerland, Marie-France and Lolotte
visit Webist Ingrid in Sonthofen - July 18th, 2004!!!!!

Andrés Fotolog


A wonderful present from André:
a nice Webism shirt and a book, both handmade by André!!!

Andt a very special present from Lolotte: TWO EGGS!!!!



Portrait of Lolotte our Webism mascot


Webism Chicken Lolotte visits Café Amt in Sonthofen



Lolotte and Ingrid (´photo by André Maitre)



A nice Sonthofen walk with Lolotte.
Lh to rh side: Thomas Kamerbeek, Marie-France with Lolotte, Ingrid Kamerbeek
(photo by André Maitre)

more pics from André's, Marie-France' and Lolotte's visit