Webism Xmas Worldwide End of the Year Peace Project:

A Moment in Time all around the Globe

Participants: ALL WEBISTS  

Dear Webists,   Because it's Xmas soon and because we are such a nice worldwide family YOUR INGRID THOUGHT OF THIS:   PLEASE each and every Webist should write a mail straight into the studio of wonderful radio SWR3 entertainer Ben Streubel ("Bennibaer"):   Ben Streubel best entertainer on air!!!!! SWR3 LUNA - worldwide "Bennibär" Midnight - 4 am CET sexiest voice on air   No, this is not only a crazy idea but a verrrrrrry good promotion tool for you, your art, Webism, global peace and understanding and we can say hi to each other and listen to same station worldwide at different times at different places. Isn't it great. Our worldwide Christmas party!   Ben's on air tonite from Midnight till 4 am CET.   Please send your email to him and say hi and tell him you belong to the "Webism Group of Worldwide Artists" and that we all around the globe listen to the same station and that moment and exchange greetings around the globe. And also say some nice words to this nice guy please. He's so cool. Keeps me laughing when I work here on my computer often till early morn.   Below is the link to send your email straight to him. Best time to send is between Midnight and one 'o clock am CET.   The Link: And here's a translation of the words telling you which questions you have to answer before giving your comment and greetings:   Dein Name = your name   Deine e-Mail = your email   Wohnort = the town where you live   Telefonnr. = your phone No. - be prepared: Bennibaer loves to give calls (last nite he called me but didn't take up cuz listening in bed)   Kurzer Betreff = short re   Kurze Nachricht = short message - post your message here and keep it short but interesting and informative.   Then: Click the button: "Mail ins Studio schicken"   That's it! He'll read your emails and am sure he'll pick some up and send our messages around the globe!!!!! He loves to get emails into the studio from different regions of the world. He speaks and understands English.   So no excuses. PLEASE every Webist should try. THANK YOU!!!!! Of course I'll send mine too.   To listen to the radio station worldwide click on link below and once on website click upper rh button saying "SWR3 LIVE EINSCHALTEN"   This is our Webism Xmas Worldwide End of the Year Peace Project.