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Alpine Project - International Artists contribute their "Alpine feelings"

Sonthofen/Bavaria/Germany - "Alpenstadt des Jahres"
Sonthofen/Bavaria/Germany - Alpine Town of the Year
Alps invitation
Owner of art-cafe Sonthofen Hermann Schwind and Ingrid Kamerbeek
both wearing T-Shirt of cooperation show R2001/Webism Group
Some impressions from art-cafe


Winterly Impressions at opening night



real life exhibition participants

Ingrid Kamerbeek, Sonthofen, GermanyDr. Rodney Chang - Pygoya -, Hawaii, USAParys St. Martin, Adelaide, AustraliaKytom L., Freiburg, GermanyArno Signarowski, Gladbeck, GermanyAndre Maitre, Moutier, Switzerland



online participants only: Susan Graves, Nottigham - London, Great BritainMike Lovric, Zagreb, Croatia


Alexander Silyanov created two posters for us proposal 1 proposal 2 Thank you, dear Alexander!!!

Andre Maitre, Moutier, Switzerland Andre sent a great postcard with his Alps exhibition image on June 21st!!!!!!

What a nice start of Summer-:)) THANK YOU SO MUCH DEAR FRIEND ANDRE!!!!

Exhibition will take place at

kunstgalerie & kaffeehaus
inh. hermann schwind
Marktstrasse 19
87527 Sonthofen


Participating Artists:
Dr. Rodney Chang (Pygoya), Honolulu/USA
Björn Dämpfling, Berlin/Germany
Susan Graves, Nottingham/England/Great Britain
Georg Hübner, Vienna/Austria
Henry Janok, Calgary/Canada
Ingrid Kamerbeek, Sonthofen/Germany
Mike Lovric, Zagreb/Croatia
Dan McCormack, Accord, New York USA
Maître André, Moutier/Switzerland
Mariano Petit de Murat, Mexico City/Mexico
Parys St. Martin, Adelaide/Australia
Dr. Michael Schetsche, Freiburg/Germany
Arno Signarowski, Gladbeck/Germany
Norbert Strippel, Löhlbach/Germany
Erato Tsouvala, Piraeus/Greece





































 Guest artist


  Ingrid Kamerbeek   Ingrid Kamerbeek   Ingrid Kamerbeek   Parys St. Martin   Parys St. Martin   Parys St. Martin   Kytom L.                                            


  Susan Graves   Susan Graves   Susan Graves   Arno Signarowski   Arno Signarowski   Arno Signarowski   Mike Lovric                                            


  Andre Maitre