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See Josef and me at the opening: click here

Flowers for Josef - Peppi -

my 1st visit 1979 in Kufstein


Josef Huber - well-known prize-winning photographer from Kufstein, Austria and myself back then: 1979.
Watch the newspaper article - April 20, 1979! It was the opening of his 1st exhibition in my tiny little gallery
in Kaarst next to Duesseldorf, Rhineland.
Josef is a decorated artist
and I was very proud he showed at my gallery! We liked each other a lot:/))) even nearly married him.
We wrote each other and send cassettes to each other and met again. This lastet 10 years. Then we
lost each other a little while.... and now we found each other again!!!!!!

He also is a painter sometimes

One of the many press reports at that time. There are sooooo many photos and articles. Can't put them all online

but stay tuned. Guess can't help to add more stuff...

ok, one more... press report from "Rheinische Post", Duesseldorf:


His prize winning book



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