And again on Big Island on March 20, 2005!!!!!!!

His 15th Marathon!


He did it again!!!!!!!

Pygoya ran his 14th Marathon on Dec 12, 2004
and moreover he ran with 3 sexy ladies!!!!
  Rodney Chang #3359
of Honolulu HI USA
10K: 01:06:54
Half Marathon: 02:24:31
30K: 03:30:39
Gun Time: 05:29:37
Finish Time: 05:20:56
Place Overall: 9812
by Gender: 6324 Men
by Division: 508 (age 59
      Sanguoane Sirimanotham #5839
of Corpus Christi TX USA
10K: 01:15:22
Half Marathon: 02:36:27
30K: 03:57:45
Gun Time: 06:02:44
Finish Time: 05:57:38
Place Overall: 13503
by Gender: 5383 Women
by Division: 404 (age 47

I gave him my LI AWARD and one for the lady too




Sportive Webist Dr. Rodney Chang (Pygoya) did it!!!!

His 13th Marathon on Dec 8, 2002 - 30th Honolulu Marathon

and moreover he even created a great Marathon Art Series - click below to view it



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Go to PYGOYA's original main exhibition: MARATHON CYBERBABIES 2002


LIM Award