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My Visit at Halbe-Rahmen, Kirchen

A highly recommendable hotel for your stay in Kirchen-Katzenbach/Altenkirchen region: Hotel Zum Weißen Stein


From left to right: Mr. Rau/Halbe-Rahmen who did a great job working on the mats for our works,

Ingrid Kamerbeek, Matthias Wisser/Halbe and Maria Gomez/Halbe - all wonderful people


Here's a link to the Halbe-Rahmen website with detailled information about their gorgeous framing system.

There's nothing comparable. They are simply the best!!!!!!




Some more pics


Images to be seen on the pic are "Nude 5" by Ingrid Kamerbeek and "Virtual City" by Dr. Rodney Chang (Pygoya)










I visited Halbe-Rahmen from 7 - 10 July. Brought 49 works with me and took them back greatly matted and framed!

Halb-Rahmen is situated in the town of Kirchen in the wonderful region of Siegerland where many tourists spend their holidays. I had a good relaxing time there. I stayed in the hotel "Zum Weißen Stein" a wonderful place to stay.

Have a look:


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