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A Little Bit Of Family History

Papa beim Fußballspielen / Dad playing soccer


The beginning of the "new" Dohle family!!!

It started all in May 2005 when my great-cousin
Hermann Dohle discovered his great grandfather at my website.
Hermann is 51 and I am 53 and this is the 1st time in our life
we heard from each other!!!!! Nice to find out you're not the last one
living from that great Dohle tribe.

Here is Hermann Dohle: Welcome to my world Hermann and family!!!

Can you believe it! He has artistic skills too: click here

And here are his wife Melanie and his 1 year old! daughter Anna-Marie Dohle Ain't they sweet!



Anna-Marie Dohle 2006, 2 years old!!!!!! What a beautiful girl she is! Typically Dohle eyes.


Father and daughter 2005:










Papas Großvater, Mathias Dohle/ Dad's grandpa around 1910



Papas Grossvater Mathias Dohle and daughter/ Dad's grandpa and daughter



Großvater meines Vaters, Töchter/ Dad's grandpa, daughters



Papas Vater Mathias Heinrich Dohle/ Dad's dad 1937


Papas Vater und ich / Dad's dad and myself 1954



Papas Mutter / Dad's mom



Papa und Mutti / Dad and mom 1951



Muttis Vater / Mom's dad around 1900



Muttis mit Eltern und Schwester / Mom with parents and sister



Muttis Großmutter (mütterlicherseits) / Mom's grandma (mom of her mother) around 1870




Mutti / Mom around 1946




Patentante von Muttis Mutter / Godmother of mom's mom



Frau aus der Hamburger Linie / Woman out of the Hamburg family line





Cousin von Muttis Mutter (links) / Cousin of mom's mom (lh side) 1916



Onkel Carl und Familie / Uncle Carl and family




Muttis Vater / Mom's dad



Muttis Vater mit Eltern / Mom's dad with parents 1921




Freundin von Großmutter und Mann / Friend of grandma and husband





Freundin von Großmutter / Friend of grandma




Helene Gorniak




Junge aus der Nachbarschaft mit Dackel / Boy from the neighbourhood with his Dachsie dog







Unbekanntes Familienmitglied (Mitte) von Muttis Mutter Seite / Unknown family members from mom's mom side




Mutti / Mom around 1940





Muttis Vater / Mom's dad (he ran a shoemaker business of his own)




Muttis Vater / Mom's dad 1925




Cousin von Muttis Mutter / Cousin of Mom's mom