Albert and Ingrid click here for animated Albert

We are born on the same day: March 14 - tho not same year for sure-:).
We are both vegetarians. Could find out something more we have in common?
Einstein: "Fantasy is more important than knowledge because knowledge is limited."
Dr. Hans-Georg Türstig created
this nice combination...
may be it works...

Einstein Year 2005


Albert and the Webists:


Herbert W. Franke - Webist

Interview: Professor Herbert W. Franke


and yet another kind of Einstein

... know him?
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David Camp also has to offer "Einstein Connections":

"I was viewing your site and noticed the Einstein page.  I too have one Eistein connection in my life.  While I was participating in a summer program for advanced high school science students, the professors pulled me aside and told me I was to play the role of Einstein, and the other students were to guess who I was.

             Einstein sought a unified field theory for physics.  My large intricately structured and balanced web art project seeks to unify many different religions, for the whole is greater than any one religion.              David http://www.dreamart.us/"