Call for entries!

Artists are cordially invited to participate in an exhibition entitled

"Monuments to the passing epoch"
Gallery "Borey", St. Petersburg, Russia
opening 2 April 2008 at 16 hours

The theme is to express the artists' point of view, in how they see events shaping our time. The exhibition will be held in St. Petersburg, Russia, at Borey Art Gallery.

A two-step selection process is in place for final candidate selection:

Step 1. - Participating artist will submit up to 3 jpeg images,
totaling no more than 100kb per image, for initial selection.

Step 2. - If selected, participating artist will submit the selected images, totaling no more than 1mb per image.

If the artist passes selection, the submitted 1 mb images will be used for printing in no bigger than A4 format.  

Please submit all images to 

no later than April 1, 2007.

Artists will be notified on the opening date of the exhibition.
Strict copyright standards are in place for all submissions.
Afanassy Pud

Afanassy in Feb 2008 to Brigitta Krause:

"Hi! The exhibition " "Passing Time Monuments Project" " will be open in
gallery "Borey" 2 April 2008 at 16 hours."
Gallery review
A small art gallery just a few metres off Nevskii Prospect. The place is always displaying some interesting exhibition of Russian or foreign artists and photographers. The hall holds a display with souvenirs and peculiar little sculptures offered for sale by local artists and craftsmen. Through in the back room you'll find a little book store selling some Russian and Western art magazines that may be harder to come by elsewhere in the city. Surprisingly, the books and magazines are not only for sale but also for rent which comes in very handy for local art lovers, who tend to be a little short of cash.
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