Jon White



   I became a Webist late in life.  Up until November, 1998, I was a non-digital photographer, and quite proud of that fact.  Then I got my first computer, and shortly after that, Photoshop.  I was still intending to stick to conventional photography, then I made a "fatal mistake."  I decided to explore Photoshop.  In the image menu, under "adjust," I found the command "Posterize."  I was familiar with posterization, so I tried it out on a photo of mine of the Brooklyn Bridge.  This was one click of the mouse that changed my life.  After that, I checked out all the filters, did the tutorials, and took a couple of courses on Photoshop.  My transformation was complete, I was no longer "defiantly anti-digital," I had become "born-again digital."

    Since this time I've created countless digital images (I don't know how many, I lost count a long time ago); put my digital work into several art galleries in Rochester, N.Y., and in  the end of 2001, Pygoya invited me to include my image, Downtown USA, in the EHCC International Cyberart Exhibition in Hawaii; and then that exhibit made a world tour.  To this day, I continue to create digital art, and I've diversified from just Photography into Graphic Design, and Web Design, becoming a Creative Professional.