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Project Initiators:

Hello dear Webists,

Are you ready for one step further ? Yes, Pygoya, Ingrid and Hans have
initiated an exceptional promotion of Webism and you are all invited to

A company in Ireland is developing a software that allows interactive 
virtual 3D presentations of and visits to e.g. art exhibitions. In their 
present demo version, which is not being circulated as yet, you can visit a 
few rooms and see "classical" pictures. Instead or in addition, the demo 
version will soon show pictures of Webists! Check it out and imagine 
pictures of Webists, your pictures, hanging there: 
Now, each of you can submit up to 3 images but without any guarantee that 
one of them will be included in the 25 images wanted for the software 
development project at this point. However, one of your entries will be used 
for a follow up Webism Museum site under planning right now. According to 
this plan, we will use the same software to create our virtual Webism 
Please send your image(s) to:  
And write in the subject line: 3D promo 
Let's make Webism a worldwide success! 
Pygoya, Ingrid and Hans 

Participating Webists: